State Filings

Below are filings for court cases filed in the Wisconsin Courts:

O’Keefe v GAB
3 Unnamed Petitioners v Peterson
WI Supreme Court Cases


Eric O’Keefe etal v. Wisconsin Government Accountability Board


May 28: Complaint

Jul 14:  Plaintiffs’ Response to Defendents’ Motion for Protective Order

Dec 19: Amended Complaint

Dec 29: Defendents’ Response to Amended Complaint


Nov 6: Plaintiffs Combined Opposition regarding Sealing of Summary Judgement and Other Filings


Three Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson


Nov 14: Memorandum Supporting Petition for Supervisory Writs

Nov 14: Motion to Stay Investigation

Nov 14: Suggestion of Certification to Supreme Court

Nov 22: Wisconsin District IV Court of Appeals Denial of Motion to Stay Investigation

Dec 20: Prosecutor’s Response to Petition for Supervisory Writ 

Dec 27: Reply Supporting Petition for Supervisory Writs


Jan 30: Wisconsin District IV Court of Appeals Denial of Supervisory Writs


Wisconsin Supreme Court (Three Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson, Two Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson, Schmitz v. Peterson)


Mar. 19: Amicus by Ethics and Public Policy Center

Mar. 27: Supreme Court Secrecy Order

Mar. 27: Supreme Court Order Against Intervention by Journal Sentinel

Mar. 27: Supreme Court Order to Eliminate Oral Argument

July 16: Supreme Court Decision


Wiesmueller v. Nettesheim 



June 23: District Court Decision and Order

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